DIY Crib Rail Teething Guard

When I was preparing the nursery for the arrival of our sweet little baby boy well over a year ago, never did I think there would be a need to protect the crib from the long, hard days of teething that would lie ahead. I had heard of babies gnawing on their cribs, but thought surely this would never happen to me.  But it did and now I wish I would’ve been prepared.  :(

Two Decembers ago, I found out we were having a boy and I couldn’t wait to set up his nursery!  I had been pining over cribs for months and once I knew if the room was headed in the pink or blue direction, I rushed out to pick the perfect bed for my little man. This crib was the very first purchase we made for our baby boy. And it was my hope to use it with the next one (should we choose to have another), however, now it is ruined because my one year old decided to “beaver” his crib rail. Insert tears streaming down face emoji here.

I know what you’re probably thinking… isn’t she being a little dramatic?  It’s just a few teeth marks on the side of the crib. It can’t be ruined! OK, maybe you’re right. Maybe I am being a little over-dramatic. The crib is still fully functional, but it’s just not the same anymore. And do you want to know something slightly comical about it all (at least comical to me now, not at that moment)? Our crib came with those hard plastic rail covers that supposedly protect the tops of the rails from teething marks. However, my kiddo just used his bottom teeth and gnawed right below those plastic covers.

Anyways… Since there isn’t anything I can do to go back in time and fix this, the only logical next step for me is to do something to prevent further damage to the crib and to keep my little man from eating any more wood. And before I could even begin to search for a solution, this little tutorial popped up in my Pinterest feed.


Sweet! I can totally make this! So, I rushed out to the fabric store after nap time, gathered the few things I would need to complete the project, and got busy sewing once I put my little man down for bed last night.

Click the link above to see the full tutorial I followed. Although it was a little time consuming to prepare the pieces for sewing, the project was relatively easy and I just love the way it turned out! Oh, and you can’t beat the $24 price tag for the supplies.  Woo hoo!

Check out the pictures of my project below.


The supplies I bought: 2 yards of fabric, 3 packages of quilt binding (only 1 shown), and 1 crib size quilt-light batting package.


A close-up of my fabric and binding choice.


The finished product. I triple-layered my batting inside and used sixteen 10-inch ties.


Here it is installed on little man’s crib.


And a close-up!

That last one makes my heart skip a beat. I just love it! And I think my little monkey loves it too! He carried it all around the house this morning before we tied it to his crib rail. Oh, and I made a second one for the other side as well, but I didn’t have it finished in time for his morning nap. So, both sides are now protected and ready for any more chewing that’s to come.

Crafting a life homemade,


Baby’s First Easter Basket

Well, it’s almost time for Baby D’s last first holiday. Yep, just go ahead and insert “tears flooding down face” emoji here. Easter will be our last first holiday before little man turns one year old.  My, oh, my, how fast the time has flown.

If you know me or have followed me long enough here, you are probably well aware of how much I love the holidays.  Something I get from my momma.  :)  And although Easter isn’t one of my top favorites, I didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to make it extra special for my baby boy.

So, of course I jumped at the idea of putting together baby’s first Easter basket.  And although I typically would’ve made Baby D’s Easter basket like the one I made here, this year, I decided to be nostalgic.  So, I went up into the attic and dug out the minty green basket that I absolutely adored from my childhood Easters. Yep, you heard it correct. I still have the actual Easter basket from when I was a little girl. Some things are just totally worth holding onto.

Anyways, now that I had the basket pulled out and ready to go, it was time to decide what I would fill it with.  In case you didn’t know, I am big on candy-less Valentines and candy-less stocking stuffers when it comes to children, therefore, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that I would feel the same way about an Easter basket. But what goes in a candy-less Easter basket you ask?  I can assure you that you won’t find any of those chubby marshmallow peeps or oversized chocolate bunnies in it.


Inside baby’s first Easter basket you will find: two books {Duck & Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny! and What Makes a Rainbow?}, a bubble wand, a Munchie Mug snack cup, a Zoku frog ice pop mold, and a Hape Walk-A-Long croc.


As an elementary teacher with a Masters in Reading Education and a true believer that “children are made readers on the laps of their parents,” it should not come as any shock that two books made their way into our Easter basket.  Duck & Goose have become favorite characters in this household. D and I recently discovered them during his first trip to the public library. The board book series has short, simple text paired with absolutely adorable illustrations.  You should check them out if you haven’t ever heard of them.  The other book is a great one too.  It teaches small children about the colors of the rainbow and uses ribbon to illustrate the order of the colors.  Each page you turn adds the next color by ribbon to create a rainbow at the end.  I actually found this book at our local grocery store {HEB}.  I can’t wait to read these with my little man on Sunday!


These two items are both food related.  I recently learned about the Zoku ice pop molds from a mom group I’m a part of on Facebook.  They come in a variety of characters.  This item will definitely come in handy for our hot summers here in Texas.  The item on the right is a Munchie Mug.  It is a premium quality spill proof snack cup.  It’s design is ingenious and was created by parents who were tired of buying cheap snack cups that never worked.  It features a soft fabric opening that allows little hands to reach in while preventing any extra snacks from spilling out.  I can’t wait to fill it with some of Baby D’s favorite snacks on Easter morning.


The other two items in D’s basket are a bubble wand and the crocodile pull toy.  I decided to throw in a bubble wand because with the warmer weather, we are bound to be spending more time outdoors. And bubbles make for easy entertainment for little ones.  The Hape Walk-A-Long croc was added to the basket {or outside of the basket} because D had received one in his stocking from Santa at Christmas, but our dog got ahold of it one evening and destroyed it.  So this item was simply a replacement.

A few additional ideas one could put in baby’s first Easter basket are small musical instruments or rattles, homemade sensory discovery bottles, chunky wooden puzzles, small stuffed animals, bath toys, balls, homemade editable play-doh, a new outfit or pajamas, and gear for the pool or beach. The possibilities are endless and none of them result in a sugar rush for baby.


What goodies do you fill your little one’s basket with?  Please comment below to share your thoughts and ideas.  I always enjoy hearing them!  :)  Hope you have a happy Easter!

Crafting a life homemade,


Quick Bathroom Organization Project

Hello and happy St. Paddy’s Day.  I hope this post finds you with better weather than we are experiencing here in Texas. The little man and I are spending the day indoors today due to some light spring showers.  Oh well.  Lucky for you I decided to spend naptime curled up in bed with my computer so I could share with you another organization project that went down during the updating of my site.

This project took place in our master bathroom.  When we started the process of building our house almost two years ago, I was not too keen on some open shelving that would be installed in place of the standard shower we opted out of when we nixed the tub and upgraded to a large double shower instead.  And even though I expressed my dislike for these open shelves and would have happily signed off on their removal, the builders said they had to stay.  Insert unamused emoji here.

Anyways, when we moved into the house two Septembers ago, I was experiencing the full effects of my first trimester of being pregnant, so I wasn’t much help in the move or the unpacking. Thankfully, the hubs took care of it all and I am eternally grateful.  But a lot of things were just quickly unpacked with the intention of me coming back through the house when I was feeling better to work my organization magic.  So for a year and a half, our awkward, open bathroom shelves displayed a hodge podge of beauty products, toiletries, cleaning products, and linens for all to see the chaos.


Well, the day finally came when I just couldn’t stand to look at the mess any longer.  So, I did a quick assessment of what items I wanted to stay, what items could be tossed, and what items needed to be relocated.  I also decided to repurpose a few baskets from our master closet and boy do I love the way it all turned out.


This project took me less than an hour to complete and the baskets make all the difference.  At first, I was annoyed that all four baskets didn’t match, but after alternating the two different styles, I’ve come to love the his and her flair they add to the shelves.

Anyone else doing any organizing this spring?  Be sure to check out my past Project Organization series {scroll to the bottom of the linked post} for some great ideas and inspiration for organizing your home.  And please share any before and after pics below!  I love to see what you guys are up to. Happy organizing!

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DIY Toy Bin Labels

Good morning friends!  I am just giddy over here as I have been waiting for the day to share this little project with you all.  I completed it about two weeks ago, however, I have been doing some work on the back side of the blog and had to wait for everything to update and transfer over to the new site before I could make any new posts.

Anyways, since Christmas time, I have been working on creating a play space for Baby D.  It is still a work in progress, but I think it is coming along nicely. :) Now, because our house doesn’t have a separate space for a playroom, nor do we want to give up the guest bedroom, I had to get a little creative as to where I would put all of D’s growing collection of toys.  My one goal was to keep the majority of his things out of the living room.  So, the only logical space we had left to choose from was to makeover the office… my hubby’s office.

At the time, my husband had dreams of turning his office into a really cool beer lounge- complete with tap handles that would come through the wall from the garage where he currently keeps his home-brewed beer. While I love his imagination, this didn’t seem like a good move for a later resale value on our home.  Plus, it was the only space left that I could use to create baby’s new playroom unless we were going to sacrifice the guest room.  So, we compromised.  Danny got to keep part of the room for his office {as long as he could come up with a solution to hide all of his computer cords} and Baby D would get the rest of the room for his toys.  Hooray!

Now that I had the space, my next order of business was to find something to organize what toys we already had and that could also organize any future toys to come.  Luckily, I knew just the right piece of furniture for the job.  So off to IKEA I went to pick up one of their 8-cube Kallax Shelving Units in dark brown.  I also hit up Target to grab a few of their fabric bin storage cubes in the color light blue. I love those things!  Anyways, once I got everything set up and sorted all of the toys into the bins, I couldn’t help but want some sort of way to let other people know what belonged in each bin.  So, I immediately turned to the web to search for labeling ideas.

Originally, I was thinking that I wanted something like a cute luggage tag or some sort of metal magazine file label holder.  But then I stumbled upon an adorable idea from The Homes I Have Made that I just couldn’t resist.

Rather than using words to label her bins, Megan over at The Homes I Have Made used images to label her playroom storage bins.  Yes!  Love it!  And how did I not think of that myself?!?!  This coming from an elementary school teacher who used to label everything with a picture and the word. Haha!   So, with the help of my Silhouette machine, I downloaded the images I wanted to use to label D’s four toy bins, had it cut the images onto white vinyl, and then applied the vinyl images to the storage bins.


Yep.  It really was that simple.  Once I had my images picked out and downloaded, the rest of the project took me less than an hour to complete.  Oh and one word of advice- before cutting on vinyl, always test out the size and placement of your image first using regular paper or cardstock.  It took me a couple tries to get the images exactly how I wanted them and I was so glad I didn’t have to waste any extra vinyl in the process. ;) Here are a few close ups of D’s new labeled toy bins.


This bin houses all of D’s toy cars, trucks, and trains.


This bin keeps a small portion of his books in the playroom.


The next bin hides away all of his blocks and stacking rings.


And the last bin holds his growing collection of musical instruments.

What do you think?  Are you ready to give this a try in your own home?  It doesn’t have to be used just for organizing kids’ things.  You could also use images to label items in the bathroom, closet, or even pantry. Another great idea for all of my teacher friends out there would be to use this to label things within the classroom.  Give it a try and please come back and share your projects with me.  I would love to see what creative things you’ve come up with!

Well, that’s all for now.  See you back real soon!

Crafting a life homemade,


Ready or Not, 2016, Here We Come!

My, oh my, how time has gotten away from me!  It has been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  :(  I greatly apologize for being absent for so long, but it doesn’t mean that projects weren’t getting done or that I forgot about you guys.  Finding balance between motherhood and making time for myself has been hard for this first time momma. Motherhood always seems to win.  Not that that’s a bad thing because I wouldn’t trade that job for anything in the world.  However, it does mean that I didn’t make much time for myself to do the things that I typically like to do in my spare time.

It seems my spare time these days comes down to a choice between chores, starting a new project, blogging, reading, or catching up on sleep.  Do you want to guess which one almost always wins?  Sleep. Raising tiny children is a full time job and at times, absolutely exhausting… But I love my little man to pieces and I feel so fortunate to get to spend each and every day at home with him.  {Thank you Danny for making that possible! XOXO}

Anyways, my purpose for finally checking in with you guys today was to review last year’s resolutions, see how I did on meeting them, and to set some new goals for the year 2016. What’s that you say?  We are already 3 days into 2016?!?!  Guess my first post of the New Year is a little late.  What’s a girl to do?  Better late than never.  ;)

Let’s look back to see what plans I had for the year 2015.


Insert wide-eyed, eyebrows raised, red cheeked, flat mouthed emoji here.  You know, the one that’s thinking “Uh oh.” Looking over these goals, it would appear that I didn’t accomplish much in 2015.  While I did see one new place this past year in December (New York) and I definitely was the best mom I could’ve been to Baby D, I didn’t come anywhere close to accomplishing any of my other goals.  Ouch.  Looks like I’ve got some work to do in 2016!

On paper, it doesn’t look like I accomplished much in the year 2015. But I believe there’s more to it than meets the eye.  In 2015, I became a mom.  And that is a HUGE accomplishment if you ask me.  It taught me how to love unconditionally and how to sacrifice my own wants and needs for another’s.  It also tested and strengthened my marriage as my husband and I have to stand united in the decisions we make for our little one.  I also read a ton of information about child development, parenting, sleep, baby sign language, introducing solids, etc.  So, as you can see, it wasn’t like I was just sitting around doing nothing.  :)  I got the unexpected accomplished… the things I never could’ve foreseen a year ago when I sat down to think of what my goals should be for the new year.

This year, in 2016, I hope to be better at accomplishing the actual goals I set for myself. Again, I used Thirty Handmade Days‘ New Year’s Resolution page to think through and write down what I hope for in the year 2016.  Head on over to her page to get your own printable copy. Take a look at what I’m looking forward to in 2016:

2016 resolutions

I chose the word integration because I feel like I have all of these different parts to my identity- mom, wife, blogger, photographer, teacher, traveler- however, I lost sight of a few of them this past year.  In 2016, I want to find a way to ensure that all pieces of me are working together and thriving.  I also need to get back to my Paleo lifestyle and add in some daily work outs to maintain a healthy body.  Finding ways to relax, traveling, staying true to myself, and continuing to work on my relationships will help maintain a healthy mind, spirit, and heart.  I am a lifelong learner and I want to share this passion for knowledge with others by volunteering my time as a babywearing educator for the Austin local chapter of BWI, by coaching teachers in classroom literacy professional development opportunities, and by tutoring young students in reading.  Last but not least, one of my big goals of 2016 is to relaunch my photography business that has just been sitting in limbo the past few years while I worked on my Masters.  Hopefully I will succeed!  :)

Well, it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me as I’ve got big plans this year.  How about you?  What do you want to accomplish in the year 2016?  I’d love to hear it… Respond below in the comment section! Hope to see you back real soon.

Crafting a life homemade,


Rustic Fall Wreath

Happy Fall ya’ll!  Does this time of year get you giddy like it does me? I LOVE Fall!  The changing colors of the leaves, the cooler weather… It is my absolute favorite season!  Unfortunately though, we don’t have much of one here in Texas. :( But that doesn’t stop this girl from adding a little pumpkin spice to her home decor!

This year, I decided it was time to start decorating our home for each season/holiday. I have fond memories of my mom doing this when I was growing up so now that I have a baby of my own and a beautiful new home, I couldn’t wait to carry on the traditions.

One of the first things I love to do to add a little seasonal cheer is to swap out the wreath on the front door. In years past, I hung this pumpkin wreath on the door for Fall.


It was one of my favs, however, it shed green moss everywhere so I actually discarded it and decided it was time for a new Fall wreath. So I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration and loved what I found!

While browsing, I stumbled upon a Fall wreath from Consumer Crafts and knew it was the one!  I loved its simplicity and its rustic charm.  I also loved that it was subtle and didn’t scream Fall with orange and pumpkins galore. Last but not least, there’s something about that linen burlap ribbon that kept me coming back for more.  I just had to have it!


So, I headed out to Hobby Lobby to gather the necessary supplies and set to it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find exactly the supplies pictured in the inspiration wreath so I had to improvise.

Head on over to Consumer Crafts for a complete list of supplies (with links) and the steps to make your own rustic Fall wreath. Below are a couple of modifications that I made:

– Rather than looping the ribbon and tying it off with Baker’s twine, I cut mine into individual strips and then stapled them into a loop. Then, I layered each loop onto the wreath one by one and secured them with hot glue.

– For the mini chalkboard sign, I had to create my own. I found a miniature chalkboard in the scrapbooking section. Then, I attached a small clothespin and painted them both white. Last, I used a chalk pen to write “Happy Fall” on it.


What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do? Not your style? No worries.  Comment below to share what’s hanging on your front door this season.  I’d love to see it!

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String Art Name Project

Good morning my friends!  I hope this finds you alive and well.  We are already up, a movin’ and a groovin’, in our household.  It’s Friday… the one day that I now look forward to most because it’s “Mommy and Me” day.  It’s my one day to go out and surround myself with other moms and their babies and to feel as if I’m still a part of this world, even if it’s only for a couple of hours.  :)  So today, before we head off, I wanted to stop in and share with you a recent project Danny and I did for our little boy’s nursery.

In case you didn’t know, Danny and I love a good project. There’s something completely gratifying about creating something with your own two hands.  So, when it came time to plan for the nursery, we knew we would be creating something special for our little baby boy. Turning to Pinterest for a little inspiration, it didn’t take us long to decide upon a string art project to showcase Davin’s name above his crib.

Now with a project in mind, months actually went by before we ever started.  In fact, it wasn’t until I came up with a vision for the room that this project was ready to move up on our to-do list.  So, once it was finally time to start, I gathered all of the necessary supplies we would need and we knocked this project out in a few days time.


  • 15″ x 48″ piece of wood
  • wood stain
  • 1.75 inch wire nails
  • hammer
  • scotch tape
  • wall mounting supplies
  • embroidery string in your choice of colors (I think I used 3 for each letter)
  • 12×12 inch paper to create letter stencils
  • Silhouette machine



1. Stain your piece of wood and let it dry.

2. Next, create your letter stencils.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut out 12 inch letters on old scrapbook paper to use as stencils.  You can also use a printer to print letters out in a font of your choice.


3. Once the wood is dry, place the letters on your wood and attach them temporarily with scotch tape. Then, hammer in the nails to outline each letter.  Remember to leave about 1/2 inch space between each nail all the way around.  Also, don’t hammer the nails all of the way down into the wood.  You want to leave enough space (about half an inch) for the string to wrap around multiple times.  Once all of the nails are in place, remove the letter stencils.


4. Next, use your embroidery string to outline and then zig-zag around all of the nails until you reach a desired design.  {I definitely unwound and redid a couple of the letters multiple times until it looked the way I wanted it.  Gotta love being a perfectionist!}  To start a letter, tie a double knot around any nail to mark your starting place. You will also double knot it to finish off a letter. To add additional string when one pack runs out in the middle of a letter, simply tie the old and new ends together in a double knot and pick back up where you left off.  :)


5. Last, add your wall mounting hardware to the back and you’re finished!


What do you think?  Pretty easy, huh?  Can’t wait to show you how it looks in our little man’s room once I reveal his nursery in a future post.  Stick around… you don’t want to miss it!  Until next time…

Crafting a life homemade,


A Quick and Easy Sewing Project for Baby

I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far.  Last time I checked in I was almost 40 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby boy.  The very next day, he decided it was finally time to grace us with his presence on his actual due date… and boy was he worth the wait!  We are so in love with him.

Life with a newborn has been quite an adjustment for this busy-body. While it seems that I’ve had to slow down just a tad, the past six weeks have actually been a complete whirlwind.  But now that I think I’ve finally got the hang of juggling life and a baby, I am now ready to dive back in to a few of the things I’ve been missing.  So, while my little one is peacefully napping, I decided it was time to grab my computer and return to the blogging world… I’m so glad I did too because I stumbled upon a couple of unfinished posts that I’m dying to share with you.

So, let’s travel back in time, shall we, to a cold and rainy day in March when I originally started this post…

A cold and rainy day has got to be my least favorite weather combination of all.  Luckily, having to endure this kind of weather forced me and the dogs to stay indoors and get some much needed housework done.  And with Danny out of town for the weekend, it left me with an itch to do some serious crafting… like how I used to back in the good ole days!  :)

Starting in 8th grade, my best friend and I began our addiction to scrapbooking.  We would sit in her grandmother’s den and cut paper and pictures all day long while listening to artists such as Jessica Andrews and Lila McCann, singing along at the top of our lungs.  The passion never faded and now I have 6 scrapbooks of my own life growing up, 1 traveling scrapbook, 1 teaching scrapbook, and a number of digital scrapbooks I’ve completed but yet to print.  I’ve also completed a number of scrapbooks for other people.  Sitting at a table for hours on end, reminiscing about the photographs and their memories, and showcasing them across the blank pages with coordinating papers never seems to get old for me.  And while I used to have time for it often and had all of my books up-to-date, I have now fallen very behind due to work and grad school taking an immediate presidence in my life.

But with an empty house and nothing worth doing outside in this nasty weather, I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than to pull out all of my scrapbooking supplies and to get a head start on Davin’s scrapbook!  So, I overtook our entire dining room table, texted Danny to find out how to play my music through our TV and speakers, and suddenly felt right at home!

“Hey, isn’t this post about a sewing project for baby” you ask? Why yes!  I’m getting there… I promise.  :)  So, in addition to pulling out all of my scrapbooking supplies, I decided to multitask and also pulled out my mom’s old sewing machine, gathered up the fabrics I had recently purchased for our baby boy, and felt like it was the perfect time to start on one of the sewing projects I had planned… DIY baby burp cloths.  {I must be crazy, right?!?!}

table mess

Here, you can see the start of the mess I was about to make. :) To make the burp cloths, I followed this tutorial online from Petite Lemon Blog.  While the preparations were a little time consuming, they came together rather quickly once you got them all pinned and ready for sewing.

burp cloths

Aren’t they just adorable?!?!  I am SO in love with all of the arrow fabrics!  I found them on Spoon Flower. These arrows are kind of a new obsession for me. :)  And I just love how they really spruce up a boring, white burp cloth.  Oh and did I mention that these make for an awesome baby shower gift too?!?!

Well, that’s all I have time for this naptime.  See you real soon!

Crafting a life homemade,


10 Terrific Teacher Inspired Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again- the time to show your little loved ones’ teachers just how much you appreciate all of the hard work that they do!  Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and let’s be honest- teachers deserve a little more credit than they are ever given.  {I’m not biased or anything.}  ;)

Seriously though, teachers are some of the hardest working people I know. They put in countless hours beyond the typical work day and for what?  It’s not for the money.  It’s for the students.  It’s because teachers’ hearts are bigger than BIG and everything they do is because they genuinely care for each and every single one of their students- day in and day out, year after year.  Just thinking about all of this love gives me the warm fuzzies inside!

So, today I felt it best to share with you 10 super cute and easy teacher appreciation gifts that are sure to put a big smile on your child’s teacher’s face!


Tote-lly Terrific Teacher

{Tote-lly Terrific Teacher}

Highlight of My Day

{Teacher, You’ve Been the Highlight of My Year}

Post-It Notes

{Thank You For “Sticking” With Me}

Write Direction

{Teacher, You Lead in the “Write” Direction}

ruler vase

{DIY Ruler Vase}

Scrapbook Paper Covered Pencils{Scrapbook Paper Covered Pencils}


{Teacher Red Box Printable}

Toe-tally Awesome Teacher

{Toe-Tally Awesome Teacher}


{Ex’STRAW’dinary Teacher}

Sharpie Gift

{Teacher Appreciation Sharpie Labels}

School supplies, tote bags, and sweet treats, OH MY!  Looks like teacher heaven!  Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?  Check out last year’s post for 11 more incredibly creative teacher appreciation gift ideas. Happy crafting!

Crafting a life homemade,


Easter Decorating Ideas

Spring time is officially here!  And with that comes warmer weather, soft pastels, and one holiday I can’t wait to celebrate with our son this time come next year!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have very fond memories of celebrating all of the holidays as a child.  My mother loved the holidays and always made them such a huge part of our family traditions growing up.  Easter, in particular, involved the coloring of Easter eggs, a fully loaded basket of goodies, and of course an Easter egg hunt first thing Easter morning.  In fact, I still have my childhood Easter basket stowed away in a box up in the attic.  Just thinking about it warms my heart a little and puts a smile on my face.

This year, while I would love nothing more than to deck the halls with Easter decor and whip up an adorable basket filled with Easter goodies for our expected little one, the truth is he isn’t due until early May and I have the last of my grad school work to finish up on this week.  :(  {Ugh!}  So, since I have to wait one more year to start a few Easter family traditions of our own, I decided to share some of my favorite PIN-worthy projects with you all instead.  ;)  I hope you enjoy!

Of course my favorite thing to start with when decorating for any holiday or season is a wreath to hang on the front door!  Here are a few of my favorite spring/Easter wreaths:

burlap wreath

{Burlap Spring Wreath}


{DIY Spring Wreath}

wreath 2

{Easy Spring Wreath}

wreath 3

{Flower Pot Wreath}


{Spring Wreath}

Next up is a little Easter bunting inspiration.  It is a quick and easy way to add a small touch of holiday spirit to your home!


{Chalk Paint Banner}

banner 3

{Easter Book Page Bunting}

banner 1

{Patterned Paper Bunny Banner}

banner 2

{Pom Pom Bunny Bunting}

Another great way to spruce up your home for the holidays is with chalkboard art.  I especially love when it’s paired with a festive banner, floral arrangements, or holiday themed trinkets.

decor 1

{Spring or Easter Display}

decor 3

{Easter Chalkboard & Bunting}

decor 2

{Free Easter Printable}

Last but not least, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Easter basket and egg coloring inspiration.  My latest craze is all of the naturally dyed Easter eggs.  Have you seen them yet?  I just love their subtle hues.

basket 1

{Printable Easter Basket Tags}


{Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs}

eggs 2

{Farm Fresh Easter Eggs}

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  In case you missed any of my previous Easter related posts, you can check them out using the links below:

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