DIY Crib Rail Teething Guard

When I was preparing the nursery for the arrival of our sweet little baby boy well over a year ago, never did I think there would be a need to protect the crib from the long, hard days of teething that would lie ahead. I had heard of babies gnawing on their cribs, but thought surely this would never happen to me.  But it did and now I wish I would’ve been prepared.  :(

Two Decembers ago, I found out we were having a boy and I couldn’t wait to set up his nursery!  I had been pining over cribs for months and once I knew if the room was headed in the pink or blue direction, I rushed out to pick the perfect bed for my little man. This crib was the very first purchase we made for our baby boy. And it was my hope to use it with the next one (should we choose to have another), however, now it is ruined because my one year old decided to “beaver” his crib rail. Insert tears streaming down face emoji here.

I know what you’re probably thinking… isn’t she being a little dramatic?  It’s just a few teeth marks on the side of the crib. It can’t be ruined! OK, maybe you’re right. Maybe I am being a little over-dramatic. The crib is still fully functional, but it’s just not the same anymore. And do you want to know something slightly comical about it all (at least comical to me now, not at that moment)? Our crib came with those hard plastic rail covers that supposedly protect the tops of the rails from teething marks. However, my kiddo just used his bottom teeth and gnawed right below those plastic covers.

Anyways… Since there isn’t anything I can do to go back in time and fix this, the only logical next step for me is to do something to prevent further damage to the crib and to keep my little man from eating any more wood. And before I could even begin to search for a solution, this little tutorial popped up in my Pinterest feed.


Sweet! I can totally make this! So, I rushed out to the fabric store after nap time, gathered the few things I would need to complete the project, and got busy sewing once I put my little man down for bed last night.

Click the link above to see the full tutorial I followed. Although it was a little time consuming to prepare the pieces for sewing, the project was relatively easy and I just love the way it turned out! Oh, and you can’t beat the $24 price tag for the supplies.  Woo hoo!

Check out the pictures of my project below.


The supplies I bought: 2 yards of fabric, 3 packages of quilt binding (only 1 shown), and 1 crib size quilt-light batting package.


A close-up of my fabric and binding choice.


The finished product. I triple-layered my batting inside and used sixteen 10-inch ties.


Here it is installed on little man’s crib.


And a close-up!

That last one makes my heart skip a beat. I just love it! And I think my little monkey loves it too! He carried it all around the house this morning before we tied it to his crib rail. Oh, and I made a second one for the other side as well, but I didn’t have it finished in time for his morning nap. So, both sides are now protected and ready for any more chewing that’s to come.

Crafting a life homemade,