String Art Name Project

Good morning my friends!  I hope this finds you alive and well.  We are already up, a movin’ and a groovin’, in our household.  It’s Friday… the one day that I now look forward to most because it’s “Mommy and Me” day.  It’s my one day to go out and surround myself with other moms and their babies and to feel as if I’m still a part of this world, even if it’s only for a couple of hours.  :)  So today, before we head off, I wanted to stop in and share with you a recent project Danny and I did for our little boy’s nursery.

In case you didn’t know, Danny and I love a good project. There’s something completely gratifying about creating something with your own two hands.  So, when it came time to plan for the nursery, we knew we would be creating something special for our little baby boy. Turning to Pinterest for a little inspiration, it didn’t take us long to decide upon a string art project to showcase Davin’s name above his crib.

Now with a project in mind, months actually went by before we ever started.  In fact, it wasn’t until I came up with a vision for the room that this project was ready to move up on our to-do list.  So, once it was finally time to start, I gathered all of the necessary supplies we would need and we knocked this project out in a few days time.


  • 15″ x 48″ piece of wood
  • wood stain
  • 1.75 inch wire nails
  • hammer
  • scotch tape
  • wall mounting supplies
  • embroidery string in your choice of colors (I think I used 3 for each letter)
  • 12×12 inch paper to create letter stencils
  • Silhouette machine



1. Stain your piece of wood and let it dry.

2. Next, create your letter stencils.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut out 12 inch letters on old scrapbook paper to use as stencils.  You can also use a printer to print letters out in a font of your choice.


3. Once the wood is dry, place the letters on your wood and attach them temporarily with scotch tape. Then, hammer in the nails to outline each letter.  Remember to leave about 1/2 inch space between each nail all the way around.  Also, don’t hammer the nails all of the way down into the wood.  You want to leave enough space (about half an inch) for the string to wrap around multiple times.  Once all of the nails are in place, remove the letter stencils.


4. Next, use your embroidery string to outline and then zig-zag around all of the nails until you reach a desired design.  {I definitely unwound and redid a couple of the letters multiple times until it looked the way I wanted it.  Gotta love being a perfectionist!}  To start a letter, tie a double knot around any nail to mark your starting place. You will also double knot it to finish off a letter. To add additional string when one pack runs out in the middle of a letter, simply tie the old and new ends together in a double knot and pick back up where you left off.  :)


5. Last, add your wall mounting hardware to the back and you’re finished!


What do you think?  Pretty easy, huh?  Can’t wait to show you how it looks in our little man’s room once I reveal his nursery in a future post.  Stick around… you don’t want to miss it!  Until next time…

Crafting a life homemade,


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