A Nursery Fit For A King- part 1

Words can not express how giddy I am today.  I have been working hard at coming up with the perfect nursery scheme for our little boy arriving early this May and can finally say that I’ve got it all figured out.  :)  Even the practicing designer in me is over-joyed to share with you what I’ve been piecing together.  But before I show off my design inspirations, let’s take a step back and see where it all started…

So when it finally came time for me to start working on putting together our little boy’s nursery, I knew there were some guidelines I wanted to stick to that reflect my personal style:

  1. No baby blue!  I personally hate the color and just don’t see myself falling into the cliché stereotype of creating a nursery where baby blue threw up all over the space just because we are having a boy.  Unfortunately, it seems the baby market has fed into this very cliché as it is oversaturated with baby blue baby gear for moms expecting little boys and pastel pink baby gear for moms expecting little girls.  :(  Lucky for me I am one creative gal who doesn’t need the baby market to fill my nursery.  ;)
  2. No theme!  You won’t find any puppy dog, race car, or zoo animal themes in this space.  Again, it’s just not my style.  I try to steer clear of the matchy-matchy stuff and all of the cutsie baby stuff that is out there these days.  I want Davin’s space to reflect the same style and sophistication as the rest of our house and to do that, I will stick to my guns against having a theme.
  3. DIY it!  Are you surprised?!?!  As you know this girl loves to get her hands dirty and especially loves a good DIY project.  :)  And lucky for me, my husband is extremely handy and can build just about anything I can think up!  So, just as we recently DIY’d baby boy’s closet {if you missed that post, click here}, you can expect to see a lot more nursery projects headed your way!

With all of that being said, a few words come to mind to help explain the style and look I’m after: organic, sophisticated, whimsical, and eclectic.  When it comes to producing a space that is organic, I immediately think of woods, natural fabrics, and lush textures.  When it comes to sophistication, it makes me think of a few modern elements and in this particular case, a room that just doesn’t scream “baby.”  Adding a touch of whimsy is probably my favorite and most thought-out part of the process. This design aspect will include a mix of playful accessories and patterns.  I seriously spent HOURS browsing and hand-selecting each item.  Last but not least is the eclectic design aspect of pulling all of the above varying styles together to create one cohesive space.

So are you ready to see what I’ve come up with thus far?!?!  I spent the past week brushing up on some of my Photoshop skills to create this inspiration mood board for you guys and adding a few final touches to it this morning.  Hope you like it… ;)


Ta-da!  It’s a nursery fit for a king… a Wild Thing king that is.  ;)  Don’t you just love it?  It seems like such a dreamy place to me.  I love the sophistication of the navy blue, platinum gray, and mustard yellow tones that will be sprinkled throughout the room. I also love the playfulness of the teepee, golden arrows, and Wild Thing accents.  I recently decided to add a few accessories inspired by the story Where the Wild Things Are because I found out it was a favorite bedtime story of my husband when he was growing up.

Now that I have a vision in mind, it’s time to get to work and whip up this charming space for our little man before he arrives!  As mentioned above, I’ve got a few more DIY projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with you… and of course the final reveal when the room is all said and done!  :)  As of now, we have only purchased two things for the space… his crib and a dresser.

Fillmore Crib

I had been eyeing the Fillmore crib from Pottery Barn ever since we found out we were expecting. And lucky for us, Pottery Barn has an outlet store about 20 minutes away that we happened to be browsing one rainy day back in November.  Much to our surprise, we found out that the outlet store sells the Pottery Barn cribs brand new, unopened, and for a fraction of the cost due to being overstocked at one of the retail stores.  :)  Originally, I thought I had wanted it in white, but they only had two chocolate brown ones currently in stock.  They told me to check back regularly as they sometimes get new shipments in. However, once we found out it was a boy and I actually saw how gorgeous the chocolate brown finish looks in person at the Pottery Barn store in our local mall, I knew it was exactly what I wanted!  So, I called the outlet store the day before Christmas to see if they still had any in stock and lucked out with a little more than 40% off the retail price!?!?  What a steal!  And, I didn’t have to pay any shipping or over-sized handling fees as I just drove up to the store, paid for the crib, and drove around back for them to load it into my car.  :)  Happy early Christmas gift to me!


The dresser we bought just last weekend from IKEA.  It is the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser in black-brown. I was hoping to find something off of Craigslist we could paint, but wasn’t having much luck finding something in the price range I was willing to spend. So, this was the next best thing… a large, sleek dresser with tons of storage, that didn’t need to be painted, and that only cost us $229.  Not too shabby! Of course the only downfall was the few hours it took to put this thing together with the husband and IKEA’s wordless instruction manual.  ;)

Well, that’s all of the nursery eye-candy I have for you today.  More projects coming your way include a build your own Restoration Hardware inspired bookshelf, a tutorial on how to make your own faux-fur nursery rug, and a pallet string art name project. So stay tuned!

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