Building a Home- Phase 3

Well hello all of my wonderful blog fans! I hope you enjoyed the extended weekend.   I’m back with an update on the house. So much has been accomplished since I last posted here… in fact, it’s all just about done!  :)  And I am over the moon excited to share it with you today!

In the last update, I was still in South Africa.  We had left off with them getting ready to brick the home. {If you’ve missed the first two phases of this project… you can find phase 1’s post here and phase 2’s post here.}  I’ve now been home for almost a month and this is the list of everything else that has been completed on our home:

  • brick home
  • paint
  • install countertops
  • install kitchen backsplash
  • lay tile and hard wood floors
  • install plumbing and electrical trim
  • install window screens
  • landscape
  • install appliances
  • fence yard
  • final touch-ups

Wow!  Thank goodness for dry Texas summers that allowed our construction crew to whip this house out in what seems like the blink of an eye!  In fact, they are almost two months ahead of schedule!  No complaints here though.  ;)  Well, before I leave you, here is the collection of photos from mid July until now.

house 1

{July 16… where we left off}


{July 28… we have a driveway!}


{July 28… here is our brick and stone waiting to be installed}


{July 28… inside the kitchen after painting}


{July 28… headed down the hallway to the other bedrooms}


{Aug 5… bricking the home}


{Aug 5… the Kitchen}


{Aug 5… Master Bath}


{Aug 9… stone and brick complete!}

My grin is from ear to ear just looking at these again!  :)  We have our final walk-through this Thursday and hopefully stay on track to close next week.  More pics to come real soon!

Crafting a life homemade,


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