Building a Home- Phase 1

It’s been about two months since we went under contract to build our first home.  So far, the process has been relatively easy and now we are just waiting and counting down the days until it’s all finished!  We are super excited and can’t wait to move in.  As I mentioned in my last post, we are building our first home in an adorable neighborhood in Buda, TX.  It will be perfect for starting our family.  ;) We also added a lot of gorgeous upgrades.

As I was driving home from work the other day, I was thinking about our new house and all of the selections we had made in design center and a great idea struck me!  “I should totally blog about building our home and all of the design choices we are making!”  :) Eureka, that’s a great idea!

So, in light of my fabulous idea, I’ve decided to write a series of posts throughout the process of our home being built to showcase everything that goes into building and decorating our first home!  {I think the interior designer in me is doing cartwheels right about now!  Haha.}  So, here it goes…

Phase 1- Design Center and Breaking Ground

We finally broke ground almost two weeks ago {come Monday}.  I can’t tell you how many times I drove by our lot in the weeks prior to see when the forms would go up.  ;)  Haha.  But it’s finally started and they are estimating that our home should be finished sometime in late September or early October… just in time for my two favorite family holidays!!!  Guess who’s happily hosting both this year?!?!?

This past week, they were supposed to start installing the plumbing rough, digging for the foundation beams, and installing the cables, but we had a week full of heavy rains, so I’m not sure how much of that actually got done.   Here are a few pictures of where we are at so far:

new lot

{me posing on our lot}

empty lot

{our empty lot- April 10, 2014}

lot forms

{the forms are up- May 19, 2014}

Almost two weeks prior to us breaking ground, we completed our design gallery appointments and made all of our final selections on the finishes of our home.  We went to 2 two hour appointments.  The first one was a bit of a headache as it was especially overwhelming to select the finishes for the kitchen and bathrooms.  {OMG!  So many tile and backsplash options… brain overload!!}  But the last one was very easy and we even finished early because by that point, I knew exactly what I wanted!  :)  {I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted going into appointment 1, but the kitchen possibilities threw me for a little loop… I’ll explain more later.}  Below, are all of our design choices up to this point… enjoy!


So this is essentially what our home will look like from the exterior.  It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a study.  We are doing the white, chopped stone and brick combo like that here, but our brick color is a little different.  Also, we upgraded the garage door to a cedar-planked garage door instead of the traditional aluminum one.

fall creek brick

This is our first choice for brick color.  It is ACME brick in Fall Creek.  Instead of the gray grout pictured here, we are going with the white grout so the brick will really pop and it will match the white stone.  I must admit, we had a really hard time choosing our brick color because a) the brick colors we loved on existing homes were discontinued or b) the color was already picked by a house being built nearby so we weren’t allowed to choose the same brick.  :(  Haha.  Oh well… we really like our first choice.  This picture really doesn’t do it justice in my opinion so you’ll just have to wait for pics once our house has been bricked.  I just hope this one is in stock when it comes time to brick our home as I really don’t care for our second choice!


These are the gorgeous wood floors we are putting down throughout almost the entire house!  They are 5 inch, hand-scraped planks in a really dark color they call java.  :)  We are putting them down in every room {bedrooms, closets, office, hallway, dining room, living room, and kitchen} because I REALLY hate carpet {partially due to my serious allergies}.  The only rooms that won’t have it are the two bathrooms and the laundry room.  They are getting a beautiful limestone tile.  See below.


This is the tile that took probably well over half an hour to select.  It is a level 6 upgrade {OMG!!} but I absolutely love it and there was absolutely nothing that I liked or could even try to like in levels 1-5. Luckily, we are only putting it into the bathrooms and laundry room… the 3 smallest rooms in the house, so the damage isn’t too pricey.  ;)  For the floors, we are doing it in 20×20 inch tiles.  It will also be on the walls in our master bath “super shower” in 13×13 inch tiles.  These floors are going to look great up against the gorgeous, dark cabinetry we are going with!!


Before getting to the cabinetry, Danny and I have removed the bathtub from the master bath and are going with the “super shower” option.  In place of the bathtub, we are getting a super-sized, walk-in shower with a bench in the limestone tile pictured above. Also, we have selected these beautiful bluish-gray, flat pebbles as a 4-inch accent band around the top of the shower {about the same height as the shower head}.


These are the gorgeous, dark cabinets we have selected.  The color is called Twilight.  They are almost the same dark color as our wood floors.  They will be installed in the kitchen, the two bathrooms, and above the washer and dryer in the laundry room.  As mentioned earlier, the kitchen took me for a little loop in the beginning.  I had originally fallen in love with these dark cabinets when touring one of the homes just built in the neighborhood.  The family there had also done the dark floors throughout and I just LOVED the way it all looked together!  However, I also really love an all white kitchen.  And Danny was worried that the dark cabinets against the dark floors would be too much dark.  So, when we went to our first design appointment and she showed us white cabinets as being an option {although a seriously upgraded option}, we put it on our list as a possible first choice.  But as the days went on the week in between our two design appointments, I couldn’t stop thinking about those kitchen cabinets.  I really LOVED the dark on dark.  Also, whatever color cabinet you went with in the kitchen would determine the color of all of the other cabinets throughout the house and I knew I didn’t want white cabinets in the bathrooms and laundry room.  Plus, I really didn’t love the style of the white cabinets were getting to choose from.  They were much more traditional and I was hoping for a more modern, all-white, farmhouse style kitchen.  So once the weekend came around, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I called up our builder and asked if they had any photos or model homes with the white cabinetry installed.  I went up there to check them out and immediately knew those we not the cabinets or style of kitchen for us.  So, it was decided… dark cabinets for us!  They are going to be perfect!

antarctica granite

Next up is our granite countertops for the kitchen.  It is called Antarctica and is really pretty.  It is a level 5 upgrade… ouch! Originally, we thought we would ask for our design rep not to show us anything over a level 2 granite, but before we could even spit out the words, she had already laid out a variety of samples for us and we both gravitated toward this one.   Oh well… it is sure to be a show-stopper in our kitchen!

white subway tile

Last but not least is our kitchen backsplash tile.  This was the other part that took forever to choose during our first design appointment.  After looking at tons of options, we finally narrowed it down to a really pretty, gray glass subway tile and this white one.  Had we gone with the white kitchen cabinetry, we would’ve gone with the gray, glass subway tile.  But since we went with the dark cabinets and didn’t want to take away from the beautiful granite countertops, we decided to stick with the white subway tiles to lighten the space.  Also, we plan on painting all of the walls throughout the house a light, light gray and doing an accent wall in some of the rooms.  So the white subway tiles were the perfect choice!

Well, what do you think??  Is your head spinning yet from design overload?  :)  Hopefully, not as much as mine was.  But I can’t wait to see it all once it’s all said and done.  If it looks anything like the vision in my head it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!  Stay tuned for phase 2 and a little design inspiration for some of the rooms!

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