Master Bedroom: King Sized

We’ve been living with a queen sized bed for a while now.  It was the perfect size when it was just Danny and I.  It wasn’t too bad once we added Hurley to the mix either.  But now that we have added Django to our family, our sleeping arrangements have become a little crowded.  :(  Both dogs love to sleep in the middle and throughout the night, they stretch their legs out, pushing Danny and I closer and closer to the edges of the bed.  We’ve contemplated moving the dogs to the floor, but I actually enjoy having them to snuggle with in bed… even if it means I lose out on space for myself to sleep. We’ve always had them in the bed since they were both small puppies, and I fear that moving them to the floor will make both me and them sad.  :(  While we are undecided on what to do with the dogs, we are decided on one thing: it is time to upgrade to a bigger bed.

Danny and I decided that it was finally time to start looking into king sized mattresses.  Danny was set on memory foam, but I wasn’t so sure. So, we made a plan to go and try out different mattresses, including memory foam, to see if Danny could convince me one way or another. I was not looking forward to going into multiple stores and lying on the many different types of mattresses, but we lucked out!  We came across a locally owned mattress shop first stop and fell in love with it!  It is called Urban Mattress. They are FABULOUS and actually educate you on each of the different mattresses you try out rather than try to make the sale. They also value high quality products that are naturally made… which is always a plus in my book.  The icing on the cake: they allow you to choose a local charity that 2% of your profit is donated to.  :)  I was oh la la in love!  And I hadn’t even laid on any of the mattresses yet!

We started our mattress journey in memory foam land.  We tried out many different densities until we confirmed that we preferred the super soft, lush memory foam densities best.  We tested out TempurPedic, Evo Sleep, an Urban Organics Latex Mattress, and then a more traditional spring mattress. So what was the verdict??  It seems Danny wins!  I fell in love with the super soft memory foams so we decided to invest in the Evo Sleep Conforma Cool Perfection 5.0 in a King.


With a new mattress, came a great idea!  We should build our own bed frame.  :)  Danny got a few new tools for the garage for Christmas and I think deep down inside he was looking for a project. So, I began looking on Pinterest for a few ideas and maybe a set of plans we could follow to build our very own king size bed frame.

Over lunch at one of our favorite local Austin restaurants, Galaxy Café, we found the perfect bed frame to build.  It is modeled after Pottery Barn’s farmhouse bed.  Absolutely gorgeous!!  {I LOVE Pottery Barn!!!}

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

The plans to build it came from Ana White’s website.  We used a combination of her Farmhouse King Bed Plans and a reader’s project Farmhouse Bed King Modified.  After studying the plans and taking a few measurements, Danny drew up a quick sketch for our bed frame.

bed sketch

After making a list of needed supplies, we made a not so quick trip to Home Depot to pick up all of the wood, a few tools, some screws, and paint.  We looked at wood for what seemed like hours.  I guess Danny is a bit of a perfectionist in disguise… takes one to know one.  ;)  We went with cedar 4×4’s for the posts since we needed some that were not pressure-treated and our Home Depot location doesn’t carry non pressure-treated pine.  Danny spent a LOT of time sanding them down… but they look {and smell} gorgeous!  We used select pine for the framing around the panels for the headboard, footboard, and side rails.  For the panels themselves, we used birch plywood that we had cut down to the size we needed in store.  All of the other wood is white wood.  We spent about $250 on supplies.  Way better than the $1500 price tag of the Pottary Barn bed.

Here are some photos of the process from start to finish:


{Danny’s new miter saw I got him for Christmas}


{our wood for the project}


{footboard panel}


{Danny’s new compressor and brad nailer from Christmas}


{headboard panel}


{Danny’s sheet sander he got from our wedding}


{cedar posts for footboard… before (right) and after (left) they were sanded}


{almost complete frame support for underneath the box frame}


{side rails}


{close-up of the side rails with wood putty to cover the nails}


{headboard ready for one last sanding}


{angled post for the footboard}

Once all of the individual pieces were put together, Danny filled in all of the nail holes with wood putty and gave each piece one last sanding to prepare for paint.  We decided to paint it black rather stain it and went with a Behr all-in-one satin black.  Each piece required two coats of paint and look absolutely stunning!

The project took us three weekends to complete and multiple trips to Home Depot.  I have been waiting anxiously to see it all put together and am ecstatic to show you the final reveal!!!  So, without further ado, here it is!


Isn’t it just gorgeous!?!?!  It turned out far better than anything I could have ever hoped for!  Just absolutely stunning!  :) I would like to thank my husband because it was his handy work that made this whole project possible.  {Thanks Danny… you are the best!} Now I think it’s time to update the bedding and draperies to match the southern charm of our new farmhouse inspired bed! I see a future post coming real soon.  ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the project and have become inspired to start a new project of your own!  We’ve definitely got the DIY itch to do more and can’t wait to share with you what we come up with next!  Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and see you soon!

Crafting a life homemade,



  1. Hi there! Beautiful bed!We are considering buying the same EvoSleep mattress that you bought. How do you like it thus far? Do you recommend it? We’re nervous about taking the foam/gel plunge.

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Did you take the plunge? Yes, we LOVE it! I was skeptical at first, but I have no regrets almost one year later. It took a couple nights of getting used to in the beginning, but now, I wouldn’t go back!

  2. I’m thinking about buying the same mattress and was wondering if you still love it?

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