How to Style & Organize Your Teacher Desk

Just checking in quick today to touch on how to style and organize your teacher desk.  My teacher desk is probably my absolute favorite area within my classroom!  I have my very own little “nook” of a space that I can completely call me own. Here is what it looks like:



When it comes to styling and organizing your teacher desk, I’ve got five tips to help give you that little oasis to retreat to when the kids are out of the room.  :)

1. Get rid of that big, bulky, metal monstrosity of a desk that is provided by most schools and invest in a smaller desk that adds some personality.  The desk I have in my classroom came from IKEA and only cost me around $20!


2. Personalize the space with artwork, picture frames, collages, etc.  The large black photo collage frame is from Creative Memories {a scrapbooking company} but is no longer available.  I LOVE my teacher subway art to the left.  The colors coordinate perfectly with the rest of my room and I just love all of the words used to describe a teacher… so uplifting!  I purchased the subway art here.  Then, I matted and framed it myself.  Both frames are hung using heavy duty 3M Command hooks so no holes will be left behind!


3. Accessorize with things that are special to you and that show off some more of your personality!  Here is the left side of my desk. The adorable “A is for apple” frame is from School Girl Style.  It goes with her Primary Apple theme that I purchased to decorate the rest of the room.  I felt that it was very fitting as I am a primary teacher.  :)  That super cute tape dispenser was a gift from one of my previous students.  I made the photo clip that holds a picture of my Hurley dog when he was a puppy… it is just made from a large wooden clothespin and a wooden letter “d” that I painted and glued together.  And of course my new teacher planner from Erin Condren earns a place on my teacher desk as I couldn’t live without it!


On the right side of my desk, I have two water cups because they remind me to drink water all day long… My A&M polka dot cup came from Bed, Bath, & Beyond while my cute owl cup came from Mardel.  Next is my antique school bell.  I absolutely LOVE this bell!!  My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas after she caught me eyeing it at an antique shop in Gruene {one of my absolute favorite Texas cities}.  My pencil/pen/supply cup is a tall, ceramic flower pot.  I love how the yellow adds a pop of color.  Can’t go wrong with a little monogramming… the big letter D was in the $1 bins at Michael’s.  :)  And last but not least, check out this cute spiral notebook I personalized!?!?  Isn’t it to die for??  Chevron is SO in right now.  I got this teal chevron spiral at Mardel, but have also seen them in a few other colors at places like Walmart.  To personalize it, I used my Silhouette machine to whip up a pink vinyl label of my name in the font cinnamon cake.  This is my spiral for the school year that I will use to take notes in for all workshops and PD I attend.  It puts a BIG, happy smile on my face.  :)


4. Show your school spirit!  On top of my file cabinet I have all of my school mascots.  The adorable owl is my new school’s mascot.  The giraffe is my previous school’s mascot… once a giraffe, always a giraffe. And the frog was my classroom mascot for my first few years of teaching… my favorite color is green.  All three are Webkins I believe.  I love the small touch of whimsy they add.


5. Bring in storage solutions to stay organized!  In my teacher nook I have five different organization systems going.  Of course I have my large file cabinet.  The drawers are organized by subject area.  The top drawer is for classroom management, the first week of school, and special units like our Gingerbread Unit or Polar Express.  The second drawer is for Reading, Writing and Word Study.  The third drawer is for Math, Science, and Social Studies.  And the last drawer is for my student files and a few of my upper grade files.  On top of my filing cabinet I have this awesome teacher organizer that holds my files for each day of the week that has all of my books needed and copies.  The organizer comes from Lakeshore.  Hanging on the wall is a Filetastic.  I use it to hold important papers that need to be sent home, papers to be filed, and papers to be copied.  Again, I used 3M Command hooks to hang it on the wall.  Next to my filing cabinet are two smaller storage carts.  Both are used to hold extra teacher supplies like pens, pencils, notepads, post-it notes, folders, notebooks, etc.  The colorful 10 drawer cart came from Mardel while the smaller yellow cart came from IKEA.


To recap, here are my five steps to stylize and organize your teacher desk:

  1. Get rid of that big, bulky, metal monstrosity of a desk and invest in a smaller one with personality.
  2. Personalize the space with artwork, picture frames, collages, etc.
  3. Accessorize with things that are special to you and that show off more of your personality.
  4. Show your school spirit!
  5. Bring in storage solutions to stay organized!

Before I go, let’s get one last look at this beautiful space:


Isn’t it dreamy??  It’s my little home away from home.  And it makes me feel totally at peace as I sit there alone in quiet solitude at the end of each day or during my planning time.  :)  {Sigh…}

Crafting a life homemade,



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