My New Teacher Planner

I’ve been waiting very patiently for a very special package to arrive for the past two weeks and it’s finally here!!!  As soon as I came home from being offered the position, I hopped online and ordered me one of these.  I’ve had my eye on it for months now.  It arrived in this beautiful box.


Does anyone recognize the box??  Have you figured out what it is yet?  {hint: read the title of this blog post ;)… haha}  Drum roll please…


It’s my new teacher planner of course!  Don’t ya just love it??  I sure do!!  So my amazing new planner comes from Erin Condren.  In case you haven’t heard of her, she’s AMAZING!!  :)  She makes some of the cutest stationary, notepads, and planners I’ve ever seen. Click on her name above to be redirected to her website… you don’t want to miss out!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this planner!  It has so many super cool features.  You can watch a video tour of it using the link above, but I thought I’d share a quick peek through some of the pages and tell you why I love each one.


The planner is full of fun quotes that are sure to keep you inspired.  I also love all of the fonts and graphics used.  Oh, and I LOVE the colorful tabs along the right side… they make it super easy just to flip right to what section you need.  When you first open up, you see this adorable “all about me” page.  I especially love the part to fill in access codes for various software subscriptions.


Next, there is an area to fill in classroom events and volunteers.  What a great idea!  There is a super cute page for information for the substitute, however, I doubt I would leave my planner behind for a sub.


This page is a compilation of all of the holidays and dates to remember throughout the school year.  I love that it’s organized month by month and in one easy spot so you’ve always got it to refer back to.


I really like this section!  It is a place to keep track of student birthdays so that you don’t miss any of them.  I like to give my students a book on their birthday.  This part sure will come in handy when planning ahead to make sure I have enough books on hand at all times.  :)


This part is a place for you to keep track of students’ absences.  It will especially come in handy when filling out perfect attendance awards at the end of each grading period.


Here is a great Year at a Glance section!  I love the thought of being able to use this page for planning ahead and keeping track of upcoming units throughout each subject area, month by month.


Each month has one of these large 2 page calendar spreads.  I love that the Monday-Friday boxes are larger than the Saturday and Sunday boxes.  After all, it is a school planner ;)


After the 2 page calendar spread, each month also has a small notes section to record what’s going on that month.  The options are endless!


Here is what the lesson planning section looks like!  :)  These pages are so colorful and fun.  I personally like the little owl graphic as it is my new school’s mascot.  This planner also comes with a clip-in plastic book marker that saves your place within your lesson plans.


At the end of the planner, there are multiple blank “notes” pages.  I am totally in love with the font here.  {I have a small obsession with fonts… I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them!}  :)


The planner also comes stocked with some of these cute ready-made stickers.  They are perfect for making sure you don’t forget any important meetings.


Towards the back of the planner, there is also this adorable pocket that can be used to hold any important papers you don’t want to lose track of.  I just love the cute apple print.


Last but not least, in the very back of the planner is a small plastic pouch.  The stationary inside were an added bonus!  I absolutely love them.

Envious?  Don’t ya just want one now??  ;)  This planner is a great way to stay organized throughout the school year.  And I just love how everything you could possibly need is all located in one place.  Love this planner but not a teacher??  Erin Condren also makes life planners which I hear are just as amazing!  Happy shopping.

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