August’s Theme

Things are changing in the Dyer household.  {I know what some of you may be thinking… but it’s not that.}  :)  The past three weeks have just been absolutely crazy and let me start by saying I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything regularly in a while.  Earlier this summer, I made the decision to go back to school for my masters in Reading Education and to return to teaching.  It all happened as I was sitting there sorting through the last of my school stuff in final preparations for my teacher garage sale.  As I sat there, I couldn’t seem to part with my stuff or the idea of never returning to the classroom.  I knew deep within my heart that I was meant to be a teacher.

Needless to say, the garage sale never happened.  I awoke the next day on a mission!  I immediately applied for grad school {as the application deadline for the Fall was only one week away!} and began filling out applications for the school districts I was fond of in my surrounding area.  Over the next few weeks, I continuously checked vacancies and emailed principals my resume and cover letter.  By mid-June, I was notified of my acceptance into grad school.  I was ecstatic and can’t wait to get started come late August. During the first two weeks of July, my schedule was filled with numerous interviews.  One school particularly caught my interest as I knew it was a great fit for me as a teacher and moved it to the top of my list for first choice.  I anxiously waited one very long weekend, hoping to hear something.  Finally, on Monday morning, as I was doing my weekly grocery shopping, I got a call from the principal asking if I could come in later that day for some follow up questions. Of course the nerves set back in as I waited for 3 pm to come.  As time drew closer, I got all dressed up in one of my favorite “interviewing” outfits, grabbed my teacher portfolio and headed out the door.  When I pulled up to the school, the butterfly feeling grew within my stomach.  I walked inside thinking to myself, “This has to be a good thing right?”

My nerves were all for nothing because he called me in to offer me the position… That was the follow up! He wanted to personally offer me the position.  I GOT THE JOB!!!  I can’t even find the word to explain the feelings I had in that moment… I was beyond over the moon excited and my head immediately jumped into planning mode.  I was back.  :)

Have you figured where I’m going with this yet??  I know I had originally planned to continue June and July’s Summer Time Fun theme for the month of August, but in honor of my return to teaching, I’ve decided to switch it up and declare August’s “partial” theme as Back-2-School!  Yes… I said “partial” theme because it’s a two-parter.  I’ll explain more momentarily.

The few weeks before school starts is probably my absolute favorite time as a teacher because it involves setting up your classroom, decorating, and opening brand new packages of crayons, markers, and other supplies.  Plus, it’s the only time that your classroom is SPOTLESS and perfectly organized.  :)  So, over the course of the month, I’ll document all of the good stuff that goes into setting up a classroom {complete with before and after pictures of course!} as well as talk about other favorite back-2-school topics of mine.

As for the two part theme for the month of August, I also wanted to post a 30 day Paleo challenge {mostly for myself to get back on track after not eating so well lately.}  Of course I invite any of you to join me in this challenge.  It takes a lot of dedication and self control, but the health benefits are totally worth it.

For a little background information, I try to lead a strict Paleo lifestyle due to a long history of migraines caused by seven benign food allergies due to a gluten sensitivity… I could go into further explanation, but will refrain to avoid totally geeking out by overwhelming you with all of my scientific knowledge on the subject.  :)  {If you would like more information, please feel free to email me and we can talk further.}  I like to refer to it as a “lifestyle” rather a diet for two reasons:  1. Because people look at me funny if I say I’m on a diet and 2.  Because it involves a conscious effort each day to make the choice to eat Paleo and resist all other urges in order to maximize my health.  People who lead a Paleo lifestyle eat as much of lean meats, fish, seafood, fruits and non-starchy vegetables as they can while avoiding foods like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, dairy, and anything processed.

Here are a few of my favorite Paleo resources.  I highly recommend you reading one of the books if you are planning to go Paleo… you are more likely to be successful when knowing more than just the do’s and dont’s.  Knowing the details about digestion and how these foods affect your body will better help keep you on track in my opinion.  :)  Knowledge is power!

So, let’s recap.  The month of August will have two themes!  On top of documenting my back-2-school journey, I will also be checking in at the end of each week to share with you how my week went with my Paleo challenge, my menu plans, my grocery shopping list, and a few of my favorite Paleo recipes from the week.  Hopefully you’re just as excited as I am!  Check back often as I’ve got a lot planned… you don’t want to miss out!

Crafting a life homemade,



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